quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012


Spanish winery TERRAS GAUDA has recently launched ABADÍA DE SAN CAMPIO 2011 with an innovative design on its label, matching the poster that won 1st prize at a recent edition of the Francisco Mantecón International Advertising Poster Design Award Competition, the only event of its kind organized by a winery on an international level.

The new label of the Albariño varietal ABADÍA DE SAN CAMPIO was designed by German artist Sebastian Büsching, and was selected by a panel of judges from among more than 1,600 posters submitted by graphic artists from five continents in 2010.

The O Rosal Winery is marketing the entire 2011 vintage of ABADÍA DE SAN CAMPIO with a design that, like the Francisco Mantecón Competition, brings together Art and Wine.

ABADÍA DE SAN CAMPIO 2011 (100% Albariño) is characterised by a clean, intense fruity bouquet, brought out by its cold maceration process. In the mouth, its fresh, sparkling acidity stands out, accompanied by an affable smoothness that makes it a balanced, friendly, cheerful and very fresh wine. White fruits are evident in its full-bodied aftertaste, and it provides a long-lasting, decidedly fruity finish.

TERRAS GAUDA wineries market 1.5 million bottles of TERRAS GAUDA, TERRAS GAUDA black label, ABADÍA DE SAN CAMPIO and LA MAR wines (produced with Caíño Blanco), in 50 international markets.

The TERRAS GAUDA Group is also formed by QUINTA SARDONIA (Sardón de Duero, Valladolid), the producer of high-end wines based on biodynamic QS and QS 2 principles, and Bodegas PITTACUM (D.O. Bierzo), which produces the 100% Mencía wines PITTACUM Barrica and PITTACUM AUREA, the rosé 3 OBISPOS and LA PROHIBICIÓN (with red Grenache from 100-year-old vineyards).

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